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Incorporating your spirituality into your business is one of the best ways to achieve work/life alignment. (Notice I didn’t say work/life balance!) One of the coolest ways to do this, though, is by using the new moon and full moon to set intentions for your business along with your personal life.

Never worked with intentions or the moon before? No worries, babe. I got you. Let’s start with the new moon:

New Moon Intentions for Your Business

The inky black sky with its hidden moon signals a time of new beginning. I know the full moon always gets to play in the spotlight, but the new moon is absolutely magickal.

The new moon represents a new birth – and it really is the new birth of a complete lunar cycle. You can even think of the lunar cycle as a ripening – like an apple ripens on the tree.

Take this time to “start over” in some aspect of your business. Ask yourself what has fallen by the wayside. Is it your email newsletter? Maybe it’s your financial tracking. Whatever you’ve fallen out of the habit of doing, this is your chance to start again.

It’s also the perfect time for setting intentions for a new project or revisiting the intentions you made in previous months.

Setting New Moon & Full Moon Intentions in Your Business

Tips for this phase:

  • Keep things open: Open yourself to inspiration as you connect with the new moon and Spirit.
  • Create a business altar: Add pyrite, tiger’s eye, or citrine, a green candle, or a framed inspirational quote to your business altar. Set your intentions here.
  • Clear the air, literally: Use your favorite herb to smudge your space. I love lavender for pretty much anything, but at the new moon, it’s really helpful for any anxiety that’s bubbling up.
  • Write it down: Write a list of 5-10 intentions in your journal. Use affirming language like “I am…” If saying “I am…” feels unbelievable or like a stretch, replace it with “I believe it’s possible to…”
  • Meditate: Meditation is one of the best ways to connect with yourself and the natural world around you. Focus on how it will feel when your intentions come true.
  • Save your list: When you’re done with your intentions, hang on to your list, but resist the temptation to revisit it until next new moon.
Setting New Moon & Full Moon Intentions in Your Business

Full Moon Intentions for Your Business

The full moon is the perfect time to reflect on the past couple of weeks, see what has come to fruition and how your intentions are proceeding. Do NOT use this time to beat yourself up about what you haven’t accomplished. If something is still uncompleted, that’s ok! A lunar cycle is roughly 28 days and the time between a new moon and a full moon is half that! Most of the time, we need WAY more time to complete a big project.

You can, however, spend some energy looking at what has worked out and congratulate yourself for the progress you’ve made.

Setting New Moon & Full Moon Intentions in Your Business

Tips for this phase:

  • As you do with the new moon, clear your space energetically. You can smudge herbs or simply set an intention for your full moon practice.
  • Eliminate the negative. This point of the cycle signifies the moon’s most potent point. You don’t want to be introducing negativity into your practice, just in case!
  • Spend some time out under the full moon, meditating on your intentions. See if inspiration hits! It just might.
  • Release anything that’s not serving you. The full moon is also time for you to declare you’re done with any spiritual junk that’s been hanging out in your body or in the back of your mind.
  • Do something that makes you feel deeply cared for like taking a salt bath. Water and the moon are closely tied to one another – anyone who’s spent time at the beach knows that! Incorporating water into your practice is a great way to harness the moon’s power during this time.

I’d love to know: Do you use the moon to plan out and make intentions for your business? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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