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Think of it as SHARING. I have a story for you:

“I feel bad roping people in,” she wrote to me. I blinked at the screen for a few moments, my coffee mug frozen in mid-air on its way to my mouth.

“Oh, no,” I thought. “Not another one.”

She was like so many women who I’ve worked with before – and so many who will come after her. She feels like she’s cheating her potential customers by “advertizing” to them.

I Used To Hate The Word “Marketing”

Even the mere mention of it made me shudder. It sounded cheap, pushy, almost — dare I say it? — dishonest. Yes, it felt dishonest. Why in the world would I bother people with trying to sell to them? They don’t care what I’m doing. They don’t want to see my offers.

All of these thoughts ran through my head on a regular basis. But I didn’t realize at the time truth: “marketing” wasn’t to blame. My mindset was. Oh, and what I was trying to sell – a software solution I didn’t believe in while I was working in corporate America. You see, I didn’t believe in the product I was hired to sell and later, I carried those impressions – that emotional baggage! – with me into my own business.

Guess what? I had to close that business down. I kept the good parts and brought them forward into my Spiritual Marketing approach, but the business itself wasn’t profitable. In fact, I was the largest financial contributor to it. That’s right! I was paying myself to work that business while I spent hours freelance writing to support this dream.

Oh, but I’d be damned if I was going to engage in marketing in any way! Oh, hell no!

In case you need to read this:


Here’s A Real-World Example

Please, for a moment, think about the following companies:


What do they have in common? You know EXACTLY what they have to offer. Does this mean you’re going to run out and buy a Big Mac on your way home from picking up your prescription while wearing your Nike sneakers? No!

It does mean that you know where to get these things when you’re ready to purchase them. The same goes for YOUR customers. You don’t have to be salesy or pushy, but if you want them to know what you offer so that they know exactly where to go when they’re ready to buy, then you’ve gotta be talking about your offerings.

But what if you could do it with the ease of a woman dressed in white, dancing around at sunrise in a tampon commercial directed by a clueless man?

Marketing can feel this good!

Spoiler alert! Unlike that nonsense, you actually CAN promote your business in a way that feels gleeful, relaxed, and crispy clean. AND it makes you money!

Start With Your Soul

Seriously! Take some time to meditate, get centered, doodle in your journal, whatever! Listen to your inner voice before you start sharing (remember, we aren’t selling, we’re sharing).

Add Value To The Conversation

Before you post something, think: “Will my audience find this valuable?” Your content should either entertain, educate, or enlighten people. It should help build their trust in you – so make sure it’s consistent and on-brand! – but it should also be about them.

Make It Fun!

Finally, make it fun. If you want some inspiration, check out my post about the Star Wars marketing party right here on my blog.

And if you need help getting all these little marketing ducks in a row, let me know! I can’t wait to chat with you.

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