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Hey there! i’m Megan,

Here at Limelight Visibility Marketing, we help female entrepreneurs build their online audiences to boost their leads and skyrocket profits.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but instead is a long game that, honestly, is a lot of fun!

Because I know you want to know, I’ve worked in marketing for over a decade and started my journey as a marketing copywriter where the goal was simple: Write marketing copy that doesn’t FEEL like marketing copy.

Over the years, my clients came to me with more complex problems and over the course of my career, an online presence shifted from a nice-to-have to a must-have. So now, I help you connect with people – through your caption copy, guest blogging, media spots, public speaking, and more – so you can have the business of your dreams!

Megan is a delight to work with – she is a great copywriter and also very good at handling small & tedious online marketing tasks with a great attitude. In this industry, it’s so important to be adaptable and switch from creative to management mode really quickly – something that Megan can do swiftly. I would definitely recommend Megan for companies who need someone to handle a lot of online marketing, such as email marketing, social media marketing & management and client relations.

Nico Arrington


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