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“No one is engaging with my content.”
“Nobody cares what I have to say.”
“Ugh, I can’t get anyone to interact with my posts.”

Darling, your problem isn’t the effort you’re putting into increasing your visibility, it’s the quality of connections you’re missing out on.

Want to increase your visibility by the end of the day? Try one (or all of these) steps.

1. Share someone else’s post in you Instagram stories and TAG them!

When you tag someone else in you IG stories – even when they’re not following you – they get a notification. Most people will post those mentions to their story because it ups their visibility and serves as additional social proof. If it’s a particularly interesting post, people will hop over to see who you are. Who knows! You might gain a few followers.

2. Record a live video on Facebook or Instagram.

Facebook and Instagram are in LOVE with live video. Viewers love seeing your face and getting to interact – via comments – with you in real time. This allows people to get to know a part of the real you. It can be scary, but it’s totally worth it.

3. Ask for (and post!) a review or testimonial from a client.

Reviews and testimonials tell other people that you’re the real deal. Sure, YOU can talk about how great you are, but when others do it, it’s called social proof. And potential clients take it as proof that you can do what you say you can do.

4. Stand up for something!

This one may feel risky, but think about it: YouTubers, performers, and actors don’t get noticed for taking the middle road. Stand up for something. Disrupt your industry. Post about a social justice cause you’re passionate about. Standing for something will draw your people to you.

5. Join a Facebook group that allows promotion posts and introduce yourself (but don’t start selling right away).

Be sure not to sell right away. Simply introduce yourself, tell people what you do, and talk about something that makes you – not necessarily your work – different. CONNECT with people and they’ll start flocking to you fast.

Need some help, love?

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